25 September 2005

Atomisation of Concepts - a Jerry Fodor Idea

Concepts by Jerry Fodor is looking like a very good book. He takes the perspective of presenting concepts, within a cognitive system, as being basically atomic and simple ideas - rather than the general computational psychology model of proposing that semantic ideas only have meaning on their own - as compounds of concepts, rather than allowing for meaningful simple atomic concepts. I like having my work turn having been thought of earlier by experts, it gives me an idea that I'm on the right track.

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24 September 2005

Ontology paper presented at 2005 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop

SISO sponsors several Simulation Interoperability Workshops each year. Many of the papers that I have been author (either first or subsequent author) on have been presented at these workshops, as they deal with the bigger picture of interoperability, but the current domain that I am working in is Simulation Interoperability.

In September 05, I presented (to two different tracks) the paper "Ontology of the C2IEDM - Further Studies to Enable Semantic Interoperability". This paper is the second in a series, where I have devised a systemic definition for what comprises an ontology (see the Components of an Ontology articles in this blog for more details), and then I have presented a cartesian method for evaluating a formal ontology in light of that definition.

The first paper(Evanulation of the C2IEDM as an Interoperability-Enabling Ontology) was presented in Toulouse France, in June of 2005. It was concerned mainly with presenting the definition, and also presenting the C2IEDM - a very full data model, which has both an implicit ontology (presented in its scope and coverage), and an explicit ontology (presented in its usage rules and documentation). The second paper (still to be made available on the web - email me for a copy) further extends the definition and goes into detail on the method - giving the results for its application to the ontology of the C2IEDM.

I hope to do a third paper for the 2006 Spring SIW that will present to the Simulation Interoperability community some early ideas about usage and application of a formal ontology, and how it can be applied to both static and dynamic tools.

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IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition from Distributed, Autonomous, Semantic Heterogeneous Data and Knowledge Sources

IEEE Workshop on Knoledge Acquisition from Distributed, Autonomous, Semantic Heterogeneous Data and Knowledge Sources

Nice looking conference on KA - some ontology work, some KR work, etc.

It moved from New Orleans to Houston, now that RITA has wrought damage to east Texas, I hope that Houston will be ready. Prayers and Godspeed to those affected.

23 September 2005

Meta-Object Facility and Common Warehouse Metamodel

CWM, MOF, etc

OMG's Common Warehouse Metamodel is certainly a very good example of how data should be tagged and marked for ontological placement within a domain - and the related Meta-Object Facility (MOF) is a good enabling method.

I wonder if anyone has ever compared this to the Hierarchical Data Format, and it's metadata model?

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alphaWorks : Emerging Topic : Semantics

IBM has a nice alphaWorks topic on Semantics - they refer to the whole ontology/metadata issue as part of "Unstructured Information Management Architecture" - very nice