19 August 2005

Another one from Ontopia

Living with Topic Maps and RDF

Okay, okay, another good article from Ontopia. This one explores the relationship between topic maps and the RDF family of technologies (RDF, OWL, DAML-OIL, OWL-S, etc)

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Topic Map Article from Ontopia

Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps!

Yeah, it's by a company. Yeah, it's on their own website. But it IS a good paper describing how topic maps (descriptors of a domain's ontology for the purpose of supporting information retrieval) can be used, and how they relate to metadata and taxonomies. Good Stuff. Besides, they seem like such a nice company.

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16 August 2005

Dublin Core Metadata Generator

DC Dot

This is a Dublin Core compliant metadata generator, that is presented by UKOLN.

Basically, you give it a document or webpage, and it generates a set of metadata (in a variety of formats), such as XML, HTML, XHTML, RDF, etc. The metadata generated is compliant with the Dublin Core


W3C RDF validator

W3C RDF Validator

This is an excellent tool. You give it an RDF file, or a URI to an RDF document, and it spits out a table describing all the derived tools, as well as a very handsome graphic showing all the relationships between the subject(s), predicate(s) and object(s). Cool.


Friend of a Friend


FOAF is Friend of a Friend - what many consider to be the most successful semantic web application yet developed. It is very nice, in that it generates an RDF file describing you, and your attributes. Check it out...




DOAP is Description of a Project - a very nice semantic descriptor tool - very similar to RDF.

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Lee Lacy Book on OWL

Data Reference Model workshop

Data Reference Model Workshop

I'm writing this from the Colloborative Work Environment's Data Reference Model workshop. The DRM is the goal product of a government sponsored group. Its goal is to have a data reference model that can be referenced for the purposes of data interoperability, and bringing structure and form to data within Communities of Interest, and when data is passed between COI's.

Very interesting.

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03 August 2005

I'm Back

A week on Vacation, a week at a Conference, and this week spent at a Study Group Workshop has left little time for keeping up my online journal.

However, I am full of fresh(!) ideas, so I should be sharing some of them soon...