30 June 2005

on Ontology, Tagging, Seach, & Commerce

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650 :: on Ontology, Tagging, Seach, & Commerce :: July :: 2005

Interesting arugument about the strengths and weaknesses of unstructured data vs. structured data.

I could be wrong, but I see things like google as having structured data, but the structure is dynamic - i.e. a dynamic and agile taxonomy exists, and is modified every time a googlebot comes back with more information about the data elements found on a page (i.e. - words on the page, and the words of pages that link to that page).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck, you point is corret, I think, as I'm not a database expert - that eventually all these data needs to be stored in a database and that some sort of schema needed to be created to store them efficiently. I was looking at the issue more from the user experience and business implications.


06 July, 2005 02:27  

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